Enquire and inquire are two of the most commonly confused words in our English language. Actually it would be interesting to note that these two words are the same, except that they both hail from different places – America and Britain.

While ‘enquire’ is British English, ‘inquire’ comes from its counterpart – America. Many people are using the term ‘inquire’ a lot and it is also seen that the most famous Oxford English dictionary also recognizes this word as a dominant one than ‘enquire’.

Here are some examples for both:

  1. enquired about the travel arrangements made by Luke.
  2. We are going to have a thorough inquiry about the incident.

Using either of these words hardly have an impact on the language or context. So, whichever word you use – enquire or inquire, you are absolutely correct. Don’t second think about your knowledge of the words, because you are correct either ways.

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