English is a language with many words in the dictionary. A lifetime is not enough to learn the words, such is the list. In this long list of words, you can come across some unusual words. These unusual words have meanings that we tend to come across often, but would have never thought that there was a word for it.

Here’s a short list of such words.

  1. Accubation – practice of eating and drinking while lying down. Oh, we do this most of the time, don’t we?
  2. Agerasia – the state of an older person looking young. We have most often come across a charming lady who does not look her age.
  3. Brontide – rumbling of thunder at a distant.
  4. Causeuse  – a twin seated sofa.
  5. Defenstrate – throwing out of the window. How often have you thrown something out of the window?
  6. Farctate – over eating. I have seen people do this.
  7. Inaniloquent – speak foolishly.
  8. Pyknic  – short and fat

Well, if you read through the meanings, you can find that these are some commonly seen instances or something that we notice often, but never knew that a word for them could exist. If you come across any such interesting and unusual words, do let us know.

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