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There are many words in the English language that you think belong to the language itself. Let me surprise you by telling that some of the words that you will see below are the ones that have been picked from other languages/places.

  1. Beserk – we know that it stands for “violent, upset or unrest...

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The English language is filled with many words, most of them that are new to us. Sometimes, occasionally we run into words that are new and they stick on for a long time. Here are a couple of words.

  1. Thelemic – it simply is a permission to do what they please. It would be difficult to find usage of this word in a sentence. However, it is interesting to know something new.
  2. Exonerate – free from blame. Example: Jules was exonerated by the court.
  3. Immure – build a wall around. Example: Sage immured himself.
  4. Berate – to scold harshly. Example: His father berates every day.
  5. Coquette – a woman who flirts. Example: Lisa is a coquette in the office.

So, just like this, you will be able to find many words that you don’t know, yet the meaning is very well known.

English, like any other language has evolved with time to include many words from other languages in its dictionary. French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Mandarin Chinese are some of the well known languages that have contributed to English language. Of these French is one language that seems to have contributed about 33% of the words in the English language. You might be surprised to know that an average person who does not know French does know more than a hundred French words.

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An event or a process is counterintuitive if it goes against your gut feeling. Recently, I came across an article that eloquently demonstrated what is counterintuitive. And the interesting thing about the article is that it provocatively asks you to do what you would intuitively think to be environmentally unfriendly.

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Here is the definition of discrimination:

definition of discrimination

Now is the chance for you to show the world how well you can use the word discrimination in a sentence. Add your usages as part of your comments. If our experts approve, we will publish your usage in BeeDictionary.

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