The English language is filled with many words, most of them that are new to us. Sometimes, occasionally we run into words that are new and they stick on for a long time. Here are a couple of words.

  1. Thelemic – it simply is a permission to do what they please. It would be difficult to find usage of this word in a sentence. However, it is interesting to know something new.
  2. Exonerate – free from blame. Example: Jules was exonerated by the court.
  3. Immure – build a wall around. Example: Sage immured himself.
  4. Berate – to scold harshly. Example: His father berates every day.
  5. Coquette – a woman who flirts. Example: Lisa is a coquette in the office.

So, just like this, you will be able to find many words that you don’t know, yet the meaning is very well known.

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