We have constantly heard from many of our friends and polemic family that the best way to build one’s vocabulary is by learning a new word every day. I often wonder if it is possible to learn a new word everyday!!!! It is possible to learn a new word every day, however, it would be difficult to tell how often these words are used in one’s conversation.

We all know that the English language is very vast and has many words in its vocabulary. It would not be possible to learn all the words, but, we can always try to learn a few good ones which can be used by us time and again. The next question that one may ask is – how can I learn something and be able to recall it just I recall the other words I’ve learnt?

The answer is very simple. You don’t force yourself to learn a new word. You just concentrate on learning one word, understand it, and try to use it in many ways as possible. This way, you will not only learn the word, but also be able to recall it at anytime thereafter. The key to successful learning has always been practise. It is therefore suggested that one practises using the same word in different contexts, such that the brain is able to identify the word with the meaning, thereby helping in easy recall. So, it’s do not rush to learn new words. Take your own time to understand the meanings and then move on to the next. Till then, wear your thinking cap and enjoy learning.

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