There are many words in the English language that you think belong to the language itself. Let me surprise you by telling that some of the words that you will see below are the ones that have been picked from other languages/places.

  1. Beserk – we know that it stands for “violent, upset or unrestrained”, but did you know how the word came into being used in English? It is interesting to note that this word was first used by a writer, Sir Walter Scott in his book ‘the pirate’ in 1822. This word actually stands for old norse word that was used to describe the Viking warriors, who clad themselves in bear skin with a belief that it will endow them with powers that of a bear to help them in their fight. This word however has taken a new refined meaning violent.
  2. Glitch – it refers to a minor malfunction or mishap or technical problem. There is not much of a story to this word, except that it was first coined by some American astronauts when there was a spike in an electric current.
  3. Kudos – yeah, the same happy feeling of kudos is not a word of English origin. The meaning we know of is “praise, acclaim”, while the actual meaning from the birth place of the word meant glory. This word comes from the Greek language and was often used for success in battlefield.
  4. Assassin – one who murders by surprise attack is known as an assassin. This is a word from Arabic origin, dating back to the 9th century. At this time, a group of people was formed to target and kill enemy leaders and were known as ‘hashshashin’, meaning to kill. This word was later absorbed by the English language in 1603, where it became assassin.

So, you would find many such interesting words and their meanings along with their history in the English language. There are many more such words that can dig into your curiosity. I will be back with a few more of them in the next couple of days.

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