Learning is like an ocean….it never seems to end. From the very start of our childhood, we start to learn new words and over time master a few of them. Children when exposed to newer words seem to build their vocabulary considerably faster than those who do not. Here’s a new way to help children learn more and better. It’s called as Flash Cards.

Flash cards are a set of cards that contains information such as numbers or words on either or both sides of the card. On one side you will find the questions and on the other side you will find answers. Flash cards are commonly used these days in classrooms to help children learn better and without any pressure. Now that you know what a flash card is, let’s see how one can use them.

  1. Start with simple words – the first step while using a flash card is to get used to the new concept of learning, so start with simple words. This will help you get the hang of it and you can then move to more difficult words.
  2. Appeal – for the next set of difficult words, try to make it a little appealing. Pictures can help in word association, thereby aides in better retention of the word in your memory. You can also try adding examples of sentences using the words. This will again help in better word retention.
  3. Games – try to get your friends to help you learn with the help of flash cards. You can play games by handing each other a card and giving out the correct answers. This way, it’s not only you who will learn, but also your friend.

Use flash cards only for a particular learning purpose; else it defies the whole purpose for which it is used. Start using them regularly and you will find that there are many ways by which you can learn and also incorporate it in various areas of your life.

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