An event or a process is counterintuitive if it goes against your gut feeling. Recently, I came across an article that eloquently demonstrated what is counterintuitive. And the interesting thing about the article is that it provocatively asks you to do what you would intuitively think to be environmentally unfriendly.

You always imagined that it will do the world a world of good if instead of taking the car to office, you walked the distance to office. Well, it turns out that you do no favor to the good earth by walking to your office. In fact, you do just the opposite. If you walk to office, you leave behind a carbon footprint as big as Godzilla’s footprint. Now, that’s what counterintuitive means. Your gut feeling tells you that because of a particular step that you have taken, a certain consequence is imminent. And yet, just the opposite happens.

Here is the claim:

The primary reason that walking to work can be more polluting than driving is that growing crops and raising animals so that they can be consumed and digested by humans involves a food-supply chain that now extends to all corners of the Earth and uses a lot of energy. An unavoidable byproduct of this energy use is greenhouse gas emissions.
Or in other words, for environment’s sake, says the article…

Be good enough to take a motorized transport to office.
At the very end of the article, you will find a decent use of the word counterintuitive.

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