The world for us is now known as the global village, thanks to Marshall McLuhan who popularised the term in his book. The meaning of global village only implies that with technological growth, communicating and reaching out to people around the world has become very easy. This brings to us various words and slangs from other languages to the English language. 

It would be interesting to note that the English language itself can be divided into 2 categories, based on their words and the spellings – British English and American English. With the world coming together as one, it is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to identify the correct usage of words and the spelling them. 

One can find that the spellings of words changes in American and British English. Here are some words which have change of spellings.

Pronounciation – Pronunciation
Colours – Colors
Delight – Delite
Entice – Entise

Irrespective of the words or spellings, one can find they have blended well into the English language, making them confusing and impossible to remove from the list. Do share a few words which you find making their way into the English language and we can include them in the list above.

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